Conservation & Community Funds

Our property-based Conservation and Community funds support research and sustainable management of our biodiversity resources.

Coral Preservation & Restoration

On-site marine nurseries and coral restoration projects supplement our marine conservation and guest education efforts. Partnerships with organizations like Reef Check, Biorock, and CRIOBE help expand and enhance our efforts.

Tetiaroa Society

In cooperation with our non-profit partner, Tetiaroa Society, The Brando has helped develop a Conservation and Management Use Plan for the entire Tetiaroa Atoll, including the lagoon and its marine ecosystems as well as its terrestrial island motu habitats.

At The Brando

Guests of The Brando enjoy immersive naturalist tours to the habitats of Tetiaroa Atoll, led by expert biologists and researchers from Tetiaroa Society. Guests are also welcome to visit the on-site EcoStation to learn about on-going scientific research.

Te mana o te moana

With Te mana o te moana, we have set up a program to monitor the nesting of green sea turtles. The program conducts crucial research to evaluate the impact of predators and climate changes.

Sea Turtle Conservation

Guests are welcome to attend an educational presentation on marine ecology and sea turtle conservation at the Turtle Care Center at the InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa.